When The Levee Breaks

(11Lavette11) From the twin towers eclipse ritual to the final New Madrid birthing ritual as the war-locks cast their spells to create the Chi Rho over the scapegoat sacrifice America to coincide with the double eclipses over America concluding in 2024.

I have always said the Chi Rho was the symbol for the abomination of desolation . They have marked the heavens with rituals below in their as above so below mandate dictates . from the 9/11 eclipse ritual to the Fukushima New-Clear water ritual both marking the fixed cross to the BP oil anointing ceremony they only need to seal the deal with the iron rod of the Chi Rho in Chicago with fire and New Orleans with water as the New Madrid the New Mother births the new age Corpus Christy or Atlantis out of the waters.

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