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Judith Pecho
Judith Pecho
15 days ago

Please be aware all levels gvmt in USA are Corportions registered in Europe. We, do not have a contract w them. They get hold of you by contracting. Even now our courts are Corporations and have no contract w you unless you give it to them. Your plea to “stand under” or understand” them the court makes a contract. Tell them you are not in their jurisdiction and do not agree. Pleading guilty, not guilty or no contender gives them control. Do not plea, and tell them you,are there on Special Appearance and are not Capitol letters they always put your name in contracts. Tell them you are not letters but a human living under your maker God’s law. The vaccine is an attempt to get you by a contract or signature under their jurisdiction. Please research this. Take no, or no nore, jabs and sign nothing!!! Do not get tricked to let them take your property and money by signing anything. DO NOT MAKE A CONTRACT AND TAKE CARE YOU ARE NOT TRICKED AS YOU WERE REGISTERING YOUR CAR AND AGREEING TO LICENSES LIKE MARRAIGE AND BIRTH CERTIFICATES which gives them your children. SIGN NOTHING. RESEAECH THIS AS I am certain I am on to something.
You are a living human being w blood flowing freely, made in the likeness of God your Creator. Do not let then inject RNa that will clip God’s DNA He marked each one of us making us his and each distinct. . They want to put a different code that will give them control over you, Lucifer code if you will.
Read, read, turn off TV. Protect your children from vaccines. Home school.No vaccines for children. Their goal is to ultimately reduce population and enslave the rest. (800 FEMA camps w guillotines and replacement blades ordered by Obama). Stacks of plastic caskets, carry 4 adults.
Their goal is control of every aspect of your life. No personal property, no direct control of your money. Have no investments with the evil companies who want you dead. There is a list if companies these evil planners own. Protect your assets.

The Vaccine is a Trojan Horse and your signature a trap. You are the flesh and letters and specific words a trap. Watch every word is a trap w double meaning. Do not agree or sign anything except under forced duress next to X for your name. Attorneys mostly will not help. They are Foreign Agents sign in London Bar. They all love their American citizenship after they work for Foreign Corporations. See Foreign Agent Act of 1938 which I believe was extended.

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