Is Donald Trump a Freemason?

This video speculates that Trump appears to be a Mason based upon the heavy use of symbolism within Trump Tower. His penthouse apartment is on the 66th floor. (66 is 33rd Degree Mason times 2) There is no 66th floor in Trump Tower. He had to eliminate 9 numbered-floors, plus the superstitious 13th floor, so that his penthouse occupied the 66th floor. Why would anyone do this unless they were determined to live on the 66th floor for some strange superstitious reason?

Of course, what’s more apparently unsettling is the gaudy opulence of the gold-plated decor in which Trump lives, what might otherwise be considered a ludicrous stereotype of ancient and medieval ruling monarchs. Yet the spiritual alchemy of gold has symbolic meaning to Freemasonry and the occult world.

Why a Masonic Ring on the Donald Trump Statue?

Masonic ring on Donald Statue

Donald Trump: High-Level Freemason

(Jeff Wilkerson)Donald Trump is apparently a Freemason. After watching the video below, one can see that the “Donald” has a penchant for flashing Masonic hand gestures. Notice, especially, the hand-shake with Sean Hannity at the very end of this work. He has been caught doing this too many times for it to be an accident. This and other circumstantial evidence makes it clear that he is a Mason.


Now that we have established that he is a Mason, we need to ask “What kind is he?” The Craft, as it is called, can be thought of as an ascending pyramid: you have a lot of “water-carriers” at the bottom, you have people with more authority on the higher steps, and then you have the true select at the top.

I don’t think Trump, given his stature as a New York billionaire, is a low-level or mid-level Freemason. He is probably part of the elite. He is likely a high-standing member of one of Manhattan’s patrician Illuminati lodges and is, probably, well acquainted with many worldly and brainy people. He is probably being coached by some of these people.

The neo-conservative magazine National Review has an article entitled Donald Trump’s foreign-policy advisers: skeptical reviews. This piece contains several Masonic allusions. First of all, look at the lead photo which contains Trump making an apparent Masonic hand sign. Secondly, in the article when introducing Joseph Schmitz, Trump’s advisor, the writer alludes to his [Schmitz’s] obsession with Baron von Stuben, a revolutionary war hero and famous Mason–a true Masonic icon–who single-handedly taught and drilled the Continental Army, forging it into a professional army.

Last June I was amazed by how Trump ascended to the top of the GOP presidential pack. He was a joke to many, but he came on quickly, pushing a lot of hot-button issues and throwing out a lot of “red meat”, which was quickly devoured by his issue-hungry constituents. He said things that many Americans wanted to hear from a presidential candidate. He was indeed a breath of fresh air.

Why was he so prescient in choosing his messages that resounded with America so? I got the feeling that his speeches were scripted and his meaning was intended to surprise and shock his rivals, as well as thrill his followers. His cadence was so perfect that I feel he had to have help. Where has he gotten this help?

Many high-level Masons, as well as powerful Jews, are not happy with the way things are going in the world and feel threatened by some of the events that have exploded upon them this past decade or so. Trump represents a faction within Freemasonry and Jewry that has rebelled against the status quo. This faction is deplored by what it sees are the results of the failed policies of the Neo-Cons and the Sabbatean section of world Jewry. This faction has decided to lead a populist crusade against this insanity.

Donald Trump being a Freemason is not necessarily a bad thing. He will not be our first Masonic president if he is elected. His populism and nationalism, to this writer at least, are real. Many patriots–and many Masons–are dismayed by what they see the Rothschild family doing to the world today: for instance, endless wars in the middle east, non-white migration into Europe and north America, a stagnant and weak economy. Trump and his fellow ‘lodge-buddies’ represent an insurrectionist force in American politics.

No one gets into positions of power unless they are completely controllable.

Book: Most Dangerous Superstition

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