Trauma Based Mind Control

The easiest way to understand trauma-based mind control is to think about what’s often called “battered women’s syndrome”. In the case of an aggressive male, who abuses his wife or spouse, we, unfortunately, have what’s needed to understand trauma-based mind control. Due to the fear, pain, and terror, the abuse victim becomes compliant with the directions, commands, and suggestions of the abuser. The abuse victim subs out the operation of their mind and places the abuser in control, in order to reduce or eliminate the chance of additional inflicted trauma. Whatever the abuser wants, the abuse victim complies or the trauma is re-experienced.

Trauma is proven to lower IQ to child-like levels, induce reflexive obedience in the trauma victim and remove ethical or moral review of the abuser’s commands. For example in the video below, we see trauma-based mind control being used to break young men down mentally and to become reflexively obedient to their handlers, without internal moral or ethical review. This sort of training can be used as a sorting mechanism to highlight who in the group holds the strongest psychopathic tendencies as well. These soldiers are unaware that they’re being trained to conduct acts that are illegal and immoral. Acts that no human anywhere is permitted to do under natural law. Soldiers are told to believe that everything is fine but the body is hard-wired as well to “feel” when the body’s owner is breaking natural law and thus we have US soldiers committing suicide at a rate of 23 per day while coming back from overseas. The soul can’t bear to break natural law and act immorally. Our handlers are also aware of this. Soldier is actually sol-dier…….the death of the soul or the heart.

Similar to the female abuse victim (and the hands of her abusing partner) the young soldiers are mind controlled to search for safety from the abuser, by doing exactly as the commander directs…….absent of internal ethical or moral review. The soldier is convinced that safety from the abuse can be found by 1) becoming one with the herd and/or 2) doing exactly what they’re told, even if what they’re being told is illegal in our society and in nature.  There is a reason our social engineers target the youth, who really want to find safety in the herd and make their mark on the world. It’s time we were honest with our youth about what’s really happened, in order to literally save their souls.

Trauma-Based-Mind-Control Methods (FULL)

A lecture from Fritz Springmeier…

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