Three Things That Will Help You File Your Exemption (Including a Template)

(MeganRedshaw) We should talk about the arbitrary deadline for getting vaccinated against COVID if you’re an employee. Under the Biden regime, that deadline is Dec. 8 for federal employees and Jan. 4 for everyone else. Under the law, no such deadline exists. You can check Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — you won’t find one.

You can adopt your sincerely held beliefs at any time and request a religious accommodation to COVID vaccines at any time. However, getting a handle on filing an exemption isn’t a bad idea. If you work for a federal employer, you’ve probably already been given the same exemption form to fill out as everyone else. That’s because the Biden regime was kind enough to give employers guidance on undermining your religious exemption.

No worries, there’s a template for that. The three posts I’m about to share with you are invaluable. Pass them along to everyone you know who needs help answering the barrage of questions on their employer’s religious exemption form, or anyone who just needs to be red-pilled on COVID vaccines.

A Template for Your Employer’s “Request for a Religious Exemption to the COVID-19 Vaccination” Form

What You Need to Know About Aborted Fetal Ingredients and COVID Vaccines

What You Need to Know About Your Right to a COVID Vaccine Religious Exemption in the Workplace

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