The Mass Psychology of Totalitarianism


Psychology and the covid attack on humanity. Prof Mattias Desmet, University of Ghent Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Department of Psycho-analysis and clinical consulting.

The Psychology of Totalitarianism. Reiner Fuellmich, Prof Mattias Desmet, Wolfgang Wodarg
The Corona Committee was founded by four lawyers. He is taking evidence on the corona crisis and the measures.

Learn more about the committee:

Anonymous information to the Corona Committee:

Telegram Committee:

Der Corona Ausschuss wurde von vier Rechtsa


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7 months ago

This was interesting. I’ve often wondered why I became suspicious at “two weeks to flatten the curve” and yet others around me still believe.

Carole Copley
Carole Copley
2 months ago

Thank you Professor Desmet. You have clarified and confirmed many of my hypothesis which I have been considering since this whole thing began. Again, thank you!