The long term impact on health is the primary concern


(Fabian Ubiquitus) What concerns me is that the adverse reactions and fatalities currently being discussed are in the short-term.

We have no data about the long term health impact of these experimental jabs because the proper trails have not been done.

So in the absence of the proper science we are forced to wait and see what shows up over the next few years.

Long-term adverse effects are often the main problems of pharmaceutical products which is why long term trials are so vital.

Looking at the numbers and severity of adverse events reported in just the first year, one wonders where the numbers of fatalities and serious damage to health will be in a few years from now.

The level of irrational irresponsibility and recklessness of the government beggars belief

Telling someone the jabs “are safe” is tantamount to telling someone “the gun isn’t loaded” when one has not in fact investigated to find out.

Or taking the vax at present is like playing Russian Roulette without knowing whether there is a bullet in the chamber or indeed whether there are one, two, three or more bullets in the chamber.

I repeat, it is known that with pharmaceutical products such as drugs and vaccines, problems tend to show up in the long- rather than the short-term.

Examples of this are legion

This is why such products are supposed to have long-terms trials – a recognition that threats to health and so forth can take months or even years to manifest.

This is why the claim that these biochemical agents are “safe” is dangerously, possibly homicidally, dishonest. With long term trials not done, long term safety has not yet been fully, responsibly, thoroughly scientifically tested so the claim of safety cannot be made.<

This is why we should be alarmed the current jibjabs have not had those scientifically vital long term trials: the government has dosed millions of people without knowing the long term consequences.

The level of homicidal recklessness with people’s lives beggars belief.

Meanwhile, whilst the primary concern is the long term effects upon health, unexpected numbers of often severe short term adverse health events and deaths have already shown up:

In just the first year, more of these than all other jibjabs in history combined.< >What will the numbers become in one, two or three years as longer-term issues become manifest?

The unexpected nature, number and severity of these short-term adverse events, often within mere days of the jab, does not bode well for the long term effects.

It also tells us how carelessly these jabs were trialed and tested if such events “took everyone by surprise.”

Either that or the adverse events were known about but kept quiet.

Either way, persuading someone to take the jab with the claim that “it is safe” when this is not yet known and the evidence to hand so far strongly suggests otherwise is quite possibly a criminal act – especially if harm later results – on the part of those marketing, those mandating and those administering the jabs.

For example, a person who injects another person may well be liable to charges of assault or bodily harm if illness or death result from the experimental jab.

If you are injecting others it is best to find yourself a good lawyer.

Or pray that over the next few years no vax-related harm comes to those you have injected with experimental agents.

Or both.

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