The Economist Cover: The World In 2021

The World In 2021

The Economist magazine cover for 2021 is described as Black Jack 21 style or 21; a big gamble and risk for the world because the economy recovery is based on money from Central Banks to keep the world economy fueled.

“INSERT STIMULUS FUNDS” and the Earth which is depicted on the handle of the one-arm bandit will spin around and land on President Joe Biden, or a nuclear threat.

The big winners in 21 will be the Big Tech companies who have accelerated their applications and usage world-wide because of the Pandemic/Virus.

The Pandemic/Virus whose symbols are shown twice on the wheels, technology application has advanced in ten years alone in 2020: more people are using Zoom and tele-medicine etc.

Other big winners include China’s TikTok and the Chinese flag is highlighted because more governments are adopting that country population control policies.

Also, China is looking to rise as the world leader and the US is weaker.

Apparently, President Biden or is that Bill Clinton who was pro-Rothschild policies are big losers because the graph shows the US flag torn in half, and the US dollar may be knocked off its peg when Bitcoin and other digital currencies take a firmer hold in 2021.

As with gambling with our rent or food money, we are risking everything and the two question marks on the wheel may indicate the Pandemic/Virus are too unpredictable and we are again on unstable ground in 2021.

What we do know is that mass vaccinations will be ordered by larger organization such as the World Bank, IMF and Central Banks to keep the world economy in operation.

Other notables on the wheel are climate change, nuclear proliferation and the economy showing improvement due to the financial chart on the rise.

Anything goes, place your bets.

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