The Death of Intuition in a Technological Society

(debess) Alan Watt answers a caller’s question about the role of intuition in the process of “waking up” and becoming aware of the reality all around. This is about the crushing of the human spirit and the destruction of intuition in a souless technocracy.

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“As Science Progresses, Crushing “Superstition”,
So Goes Survival Instinct of Intuition,
Our First Defence of “Not Quite Right”
Subjugated to Experts, We Lose the Fight,
Instincts Betrayed, We’re at the Mercy
Of Totalitarians, Free Thought is Heresy,
Old Institutions Discarded, Looked Down Upon,
We’re Intellectuals, Old’s Quaint, Frowned Upon,
Individual Survival has Been Destroyed
By Haughty Thinkers, Planners Who Toyed
With Creating the Mechanistic, Obedient Society
From the Chaos of Multi-Choice Variety
Which They’d Inflict Upon Family System,
Offering Temptations too Numerous to List Them,
Now Abnormal is Normal, No Going Back,
Intuition Disabled, Real Guidance We Lack”
© Alan Watt Nov. 3, 2010

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