The Art Of War by Sun Tzu


All warfare is based on deception…

Joseph Rodrigues

I Laying Plans The Calculations Initial Estimations Detail Assessment and Planning (Chinese: 始計,始计)

II Waging War The Challenge Waging War Waging War (Chinese: 作戰,作战)

III Attack by Stratagem The Plan of Attack Planning Offensives Strategic Attack (Chinese: 謀攻,谋攻)

IV Tactical Dispositions Positioning Military Disposition Disposition of the Army (Chinese: 軍形,军形)

V Use of Energy Directing Strategic Military Power Forces (Chinese: 兵勢,兵势)

VI Weak Points and Strong Illusion and Reality Vacuity and Substance Weaknesses and Strengths (Chinese: 虛實,虚实)

VII Maneuvering an Army Engaging The Force Military Combat Military Maneuvers (Chinese: 軍爭,军争)

VIII Variation of Tactics The Nine Variations Nine Changes Variations and Adaptability (Chinese: 九變,九变)

IX The Army on the March Moving The Force Maneuvering the Army Movement and Development of Troops (Chinese: 行軍,行军)

X Classification of Terrain Situational Positioning Configurations of Terrain Terrain (Chinese: 地形)

XI The Nine Situations The Nine Situations Nine Terrains The Nine Battlegrounds (Chinese: 九地)

XII Attack by Fire The Fiery Attack Incendiary Attacks Attacking with Fire (Chinese: 火攻)

XIII Use of Spies The Use of Intelligence Employing Spies Intelligence and Espionage (Chinese: 用間,用间) Chapter summary

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