Space Force Scientist: U.S. Military Must Experiment with Human Augmentation and AI

Space Force scientist warns it’s ‘imperative’ the US military experiment with human augmentation and AI to stay ahead of Russia and China

(Daily Mail) Combining humans with machines to create superhuman intelligence may soon no longer be the plot of science-fiction films, as the US Space Force’s chief scientist say it will happen in ‘the coming decade.’

Dr. Joel Mozer, speaking at an event at the Airforce Research Laboratory Wednesday, announced we are entering the age of ‘human augmentation,’ which is crucial to the US’s national defense in order to not ‘fall behind our strategic competitors.’

However, his proposal does not turn humans into cyborgs, but employs ‘AI agents’ to assist with strategic military planning.

Mozer highlights the abilities seen in developed by a Google subsidiary, AlphaGo Zero, which was able to train itself to play the game of Go at a master level in just a few weeks.

Mozer suggests the extortionary capabilities can lead to superhuman capabilities, by means of combining human ingenuity with the power, speed and efficiency of machines.

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