Quotes on Communism

“Mental health organizations must carefully delete from their ranks anyone actually proficient in the handling or treatment of mental health.” — ‘The Soviet Art of Brainwashing,’ 1930

“The populace must be brought into the belief that every individual within it who rebels against the efforts and activities to enslave the whole, must be considered to be a deranged person and be given electric shocks, and reduced into unimaginative docility for the remainder of his days.” — ‘The Soviet Art of Brainwashing,’ 1930

“As every chair of psychology in the United States is occupied by persons in our connection … the educated strata of the populace into the tenets of Communism is thus rendered relatively easy.” — ‘The Soviet Art of Brainwashing,’ 1930

“Communists view man as a mechanism without individuality. He is basically an animal with a civilized veneer. Like an animal, he can be forced to believe and do anything given the right combination of terror, deception, drugs and brute force.” — ‘The Soviet Art of Brainwashing,’ 1930

“Mental healers are not suppose to heal anyone, and are instructed to drive out competent people.” — “The Techniques of Communism: Controlling Education,” 1954

“The psycho political operative should also spare no expense in smashing out of existence, by whatever means, any actual healing group, such as that of acupuncture, in China; such as Christian Science, Dianetics and faith healing in the United States; such as Catholicism in Italy and Spain; and the practical psychological groups of England.” — “The Techniques of Communism: Controlling Education,” 1954

“Recruitment into the ranks of mental healing can best be done by carefully bringing to it only those healing students who are, to some slight degree, already depraved, or who have been treated by psycho political operatives. Recruitment is effected by making the field of mental healing very attractive, financially, and sexually. The promise of unlimited sexual opportunities, the promise of complete dominion over the bodies and minds of helpless patients, the promise of having lawlessness without detection, can thus attract to mental healing many desirable recruits who will willingly fall in line with psycho political activities.” — “The Techniques of Communism: Controlling Education,” 1954

“Seek out the leaders in the country’s future, and educate them into the belief of the animalistic nature of Man. This must be made fashionable. They must be taught to frown upon ideas, upon individual endeavor. They must be taught, above all things that the salvation of Man is to be found only by his adjusting thoroughly to this environment. … Nations, which have high ethical tone, are difficult to conquer.” — “The Techniques of Communism: Controlling Education,” 1954

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