UK’s NHS COVID App is a Trojan Horse


(KOEN JACOBS, The UK government is trying to implement the EU’s “vaccination passport” program, which was launched in 2018. It is supposed to be monitored by the NHS.

But the government, and the NHS, are not planning to simply track people’s COVID vaccination records.

Here’s the other information that would be gathered, aside from name, address and phone number, which is supposed to be used in order to implement a Chinese-style credit score system in the UK.

“This data will be useful for further aspects of unlocking as they arise, e.g for International travel or attendance at domestic events once these have been permitted by government policy and guidance.”

  • Vehicle registration number
  • National Insurance (NINO) number
  • Employer details
  • Occupation details
  • Information relating to the individual’s physical or mental health condition
  • Information relating to the family of the individual and the individual’s lifestyle and social circumstances
  • Information which relates to the ethnic origin of the individual
  • Information relating to genetic/biometric details
  • Criminal convictions or alleged criminal behaviour

Many may not be aware of it, but this sounds an awful lot like “community policing” that Niki Rapaana was talking about in 2005 when she did this interview.

In Seattle, back then (1999 and onward), they were also collecting people’s personal information for reasons most never understood. These were “pilot” projects. It’s not hard to connect the dots at this point, if you’re willing to pay attention.

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