Montana: New law says employers can’t discriminate based on vaccine status

(MRN) GREAT FALLS, Mont. – Benefis Hospital in Great Falls announced all employees would be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since then, community members and Benefis employees have been speaking out against this decision.

Now, they don’t have to protest any longer because Governor Greg Gianforte signed into law House Bill 702.

The bill says it’s unlawful for employers to take any action against someone based on whether or not they got the vaccine or have an immunity passport.

There are some exceptions including licensed nursing homes, long-term care facilities, or assisted living facilities.

We reached out to Benefis to see how they are moving forward and they said ‘No Comment’.

Right now, the Montana Hospital Association is talking about requiring masks for anyone who walks into a hospital to help protect everyone from diseases because of this law.

This if effective immediately except for section 3 of the bill talking about appropriations.

To read more about the bill, click here.

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