The Ritual Of The Mask


Mask Ritual (Manly P. Hall)

…it is not the ‘fear of death’ itself, no… indeed no, but rather the fear of the ‘loss of the self’, the essence, the kernel of consciousness, for we believe rightly or wrongly, that it is this phenomenon, which is definitively who we are. It simply ‘is what is us’… tangentopolis, 2020

“equally, we remember from both near and far, thee o the just… and how it was that… “in some of Pavlov’s dogs, the Leningrad flood had accidentally abolished the recently conditioned behaviour patterns implanted by him… we might also expect others to become more suggestible or show reversal of previous patterns of behaviour and thought, because a paradoxical or ultra-paradoxical phase of brain activity was being produced [or ‘induced’].”  — William Sargant, 1957

Book: The Secret Teachings of All Ages

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