Mark Passio On Psychopathy (Video)


Mark Passio is a former member of various dark occult organizations who realized at some point that he could not agree with their belief system, or their ultimate goals, although they are correct in some of what they say about the general public, who are referred to as “the dead”.

Having realized that he had been wrong, and suffering for it, Passio now dedicates his life to seeking truth and acting on it by bringing vital information out into the open.

Occult knowledge, which simply means hidden knowledge, has been used by dark occultists to control the general public, largely by various forms of mind control – as explained in Passio’s What On Earth Is Happening lecture series and radio broadcasts. He argues that the remedy to this situation is to bring this knowledge out into the open so that it becomes common knowledge, as opposed to hidden knowledge. In this way it will become impossible to control people using knowledge that is known only to the few.

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