Mandating Draconian Kill Shots for NYC Workers

(Stephen Lendman) As in Chicago, other US cities and states, along with many private businesses, the NYC de Blasio regime announced mandated flu/covid kill shots for city workers across the board.

Where this mandate was imposed at the federal, state and local levels, workers affected must choose between protecting their health by saying NO, or sacrificing it for employment.

The above is no choice at all, including in NYC, making the Big Apple more rotten than ever.

Mayor de Blasio’s draconian mandate follows by Biden regime’s go ahead for administering kill shots to children aged 5 – 11, once the Pharma controlled FDA rubber-stamps approval for destruction of their health by toxic jabs.

Over 300,000 NYC workers are affected by a mandate no one should tolerate.

Including to PCR or other testing option, all city workers must be jabbed at least once by November 1.

The draconian mandate already affects city healthcare workers and teachers.

Defying reality and international law, de Blasio falsely said NYC “public employees are going to lead us out of the (flu/covid) era (sic).”

The vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths occurred among the jabbed.

The best protections against contraction of the viral illness is natural immunity or remaining unjabbed — along with following a healthy lifestyle.

The worst of all options with protecting and preserving health in mind is getting jabbed, re-jabbed and booster-jabbed.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the destruction of health, the shorter lifespans become.

NYC workers who reject kill shots will be suspended on unpaid leave, dismissal likely to follow if unwillingness to be jabbed persists.

The NYC Police Benevolent Association calls itself “largest municipal police union in the world” with around 24,000 NYPD members.

A statement by its president Patrick Lynch vowed to “legal action to protect our members’ rights,” adding:

“From the beginning of the de Blasio (regime’s) haphazard (mass-jabbing) rollout, we have fought to” protect the rights of union members to make “medical decision(s) in consultation with their own doctor(s).”

According to one unnamed NYC official, de Blasio “has no idea what he’s doing.”

“We’re going to lose half of our cops and half of our fire department if this goes through, and then what?”

Last weekend during an anti-mass-jabbing protest in Times Square, one refusenik likely spoke for many thousands of others, saying:

Resistance against what’s unacceptable “means standing up for our freedom and indivisible rights, to come together as a group and let each other know we are not alone.”

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea supports kill shots for cops. Unless mentally compromised, rest assured he’ll avoid them for himself and family members.

Pre-dawn Wednesday, the NY Post first reported on de Blasio’s draconian mandate, saying:

“All New York City municipal employees (are) mandated” have gotten at least one kill shot “by 5 PM on Oct. 29.”

Refuseniks on “Nov. 1 will be placed on unpaid leave until they provide proof of” jabs gotten.

Sacking will likely to follow if protecting their health from toxic jabs is prioritized over sacrificing it for city employment.

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