Malignant Narcissist, Covetous Sociopath, Bully, Liar, Slanderer…

(Lisette) It doesn’t matter what you call them: malignant narcissist, covetous sociopath or bully. They are one and the same. They are all predators who target people that provoke in them a desire for something they have, or for something they are. The covert power game and systematic destruction of another who put puts their wretched selves to shame is sport for the malignant narcissist. They excel at it. They’ve been practicing since birth. It gives them a thrill and makes them feel alive. That is why malignant narcissists are unsafe for human interaction, period.  If you have been targeted by a malignant narcissist and they have access to you, they will try and destroy you: that’s their nature. It’s not complicated. Run like hell.

Having two narcissists as parents was no picnic (they divorced long ago). Though I sometimes feel lucky that they both weren’t malignant. Unfortunately, my sister made up the difference. She is a malignant narcissist like my mother and I have had a target on my back since birth. Not one, but two dangerous predators working as a team have been hunting me all-my-life. Malignant narcissist sister tried to kill me twice (that’s another post) and mn mother slipped me a note – twice – that suggested I should commit suicide (that’s another post).

I’ve stayed out of reach of these two dangerous predators for 20 years and yet they still managed to stalk me and wreak havoc on my life over the phone, online and through email. Truth be told; that’s the main reason I’m blogging on the subject of malignant narcissism – those two crazy bitches, and others who are exactly like them. Take it from someone who has been there: If you’ve been targeted by a malignant narcissist – particularly a family member – you will NEVER be safe in their sphere of influence because they will never stop trying to destroy you.

If the malignant narcissist can extract information from anyone, and I mean anyone, who is in contact with you, they will. They will create a smear campaign over the most innocuous slice of your life. For example, you tell Bob that a car rear ended you; the malignant narcissist knows that you’re in contact with Bob, and even though the malignant narcissist doesn’t have a relationship with Bob, she calls him now and again just to see if she can dig up dirt on you – that’s how brazen and predatory the malignant narcissist is. The blood thirsty malignant narcissist manages to pry this tiny tidbit of information – about a minor car collision – out of Bob. The malignant narcissist  then concocts an elaborate pathology of you based on a 5 second mention of a fender bender. She spreads her work of fiction far and wide in order to generate a negative view of you in everyone’s eyes. Remember:  the malignant narcissist is ravenous; she hasn’t had her supply since you went no contact; she is irritable and aggressive and is chomping at the bit to destroy you by any means possible.

If the malignant narcissist can’t violate your mind directly, the next best thing is to dirty up other people’s minds with bad thoughts of you. This is achieved through lies, slander, false rumours, undermining, creating doubts and suspicions and by encouraging and manipulating people to withhold information and spread misinformation.

Don’t think for a second that sharing an innocent piece of information such as being in a fender bender is harmless – it isn’t. Any information about you is ammunition for the devious malignant narcissist and it will be used to attack you. That’s why it is so important to sever all lines of communication that are open to your abuser. Even if you don’t care what her cohorts and copycat abusers think, she’s still getting a power rush out of the game. And the worst part: the slimy bitch will malign you all under the pretence of “concern”. It’s enough to make you sick. She puts on a schmaltzy performance as a “caring” person; meanwhile, behind closed doors, she’s plotting your destruction. And, the brain dead ‘pod-people’ buy her act. What a joke! It’s no surprise that narcissists surround themselves with imbeciles.

No wonder people are taking to the internet to expose the truth. Narcissistic abuse is not only an assault of a person’s human dignity; it’s a never ending cycle of re-victimization by an abuser who literally gets high and mighty through the process of your destruction. In short, narcissistic abuse is an assault on a person’s human dignity by those who have NO dignity – that is an outrage!

Malignant narcissists are disgusting, filthy, reprehensible creatures. They are violent mental and emotional rapists, and as such, they think like rapists. A rapist knows that they are dirty. They are secretly ashamed of themselves for their perversions. So, in order for the mental rapist to feel clean, they must dirty up their victim. That’s where spreading rumours, lies and slander comes in. But we all know that slander is just projection. So, whatever LIES the vile narcissist is spreading about you, is actually the TRUTH about the narcissist.

Unfortunately, most people are easily duped into swallowing the narcissist’s load of crap. Female narcissists are masters at manipulating people through their emotions, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions. Malignant narcissist sister once said to me with a spooky giggle, “It’s so easy to use the power of suggestion on Dad.” Creepy, eh? There is underlying sinister intent to everything she says and does.

Another thing that people don’t get is that the narcissist needs NO reason to be hostile to their target. Normal people attack for natural motives like revenge or retaliation. Not so the narcissist. They simply attack people who possess something they want. For the narcissist believes that everything belongs to her, and if someone has a little of it, then she’s not getting all of it. Pathological greed, entitlement, and covetousness are what makes the malignant narcissist a dangerous predator. They are forever out to take, keep from, destroy and besmirch whatever they can get their grimy paws on: be it your job, you home, your relationships, or your reputation.

It is sheer malevolence to want to damage the most valuable possessions of another. It is sheer malevolence to be hostile to others getting what makes them happy and feel good about themselves. And, it is beyond sick to have ill will toward people who aren’t harming you, have never harmed you, and have never threatened to harm you. Malignant narcissists are pure evil. Just look at who they target: vulnerable children, people who love them, family, and the innocent.

Convicted criminals who steal out of necessity, or shoot someone who tries to fight them off in a robbery, or commit murder for anger or revenge are better than the malignant narcissist. The criminal isn’t a threat to anyone else because he doesn’t go around wishing to hurt others or see harm come to them. But the malignant narcissist does – in every waking moment of her sad, sorry existence. The malignant narcissist is a pestilent, disease spreading low-life and the driving force behind her predation is insecurity, greed, entitlement and covetousness. Remember; she’s not normal. She’s incapable of aquiring positive attributes for herself, so she must take from others to even the score.

The malignant narcissist’s spiteful envy compels her to steal from you and she wants to make damn sure that you are severely harmed in the process. This clandestine power game is priority number one, and all of the malignant narcissist’s energies are devoted to it. The objective is POWER, CONTROL, and DOMINATION and she will stop at nothing to win. Causing the downfall of others gives her pleasure and victory means disempowering the target to a state of suffering and loss while aggrandizing herself. So sad, that the pathetic little narcissist must resort to such tactics but she knows no other way, she’s abnormal: socially, morally, emotionally and psychologically retarded.

However, beneath her extreme treachery, the malignant narcissist is still able to project an “image” – albeit campy and over-the-top. So, when people don’t incite her jealous rage, she lays on the smarmy charm thick with a spoon and slyly uses those dimwits to spread vicious rumours about her victim. All the while, maintaining a false front as a well meaning, do-gooder. Blech! That is precisely why these sickos – particularly women – can continue harming people. Why is the average person so dense? Narcissists are lousy actors.

Malignant narcissists love their perverted sport, and they never want the game to end. It’s all they have. Let’s face it; their lives are sad, so very sad.  Take away the narcissist’s only reason for living  – to hurt others. Don’t be their play thing. Stay Far Far Away.

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