Illegal Government Surveillance: The Stasi’s “Zersetzung” Tactics And Gang Stalking


(XKeyscore) Wake up America! Ex-Stasi personnel were hired by the Department of Homeland Security.

Who was the Stasi? The Stasi was an aggressive police agency that terrorized the East German population until the fall of the Iron Curtain – and Markus Wolfe, the former head of the Stasi, helped form DHS and assisted in the deployment (within the United States) of covert and overt tactics utilized by the Stasi to oppress the East German citizenry.

The FBI, DHS, and NSA are now engaged in utilizing unconstitutional Stasi techniques called Zersetzung, and a huge civilian spy branch has already been deployed in the United States for more than a decade.

Are you aware of how out of control things really are in the “Land of the Free?”

The “civilians” involved in this widespread operation are comprised of immigrants – both legal and illegal, criminals, ex-cons, and the dregs of US society – hired by the FBI’s civilian branch called InfraGard – which on the street-level, helps manage this unconstitutional and sadistic program, primarily comprised of sociopathic misfits.

YouTube has thousands of videos of people who claim to be victims of “Gang Stalking” or “Gangstalking.”

In many cases (not all, but many), these innocent Americans who claim that they are victims of “Gang Stalking” are the targets of this illegal counter-intelligence program (COINTELPRO) run out of the Department of Justice, and simply do not recognize who or what is behind their harassment and destruction of their lives, relationships and livelihoods.

The Church Committee exposed this illegal program (which was never terminated) in the 1970’s.

It is a multi-billion dollar (and illegal) program which funnels funds to InfraGard and private security companies run by ex-FBI, ex-DEA, ex-DoD employees.

Anyone who has been placed on a watch-list is a potential target for data-theft, cyber-harassment, break-ins (usually no sign of forced entry), vandalism, overt harassment, covert harassment, slander, destruction of personal and professional relationships, economic sabotage of targets, and stalking in commercial locations.

All of these activities are coordinated from (basically) two playbooks: The Stasi’s “Zersetzung” tactics and the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) – a branch of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

JTRIG (and now the FBI, DHS, and NSA) run their operations based on the 5 D’s: Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, Destroy.

These are “soft-kill” methods which ruin the lives of innocent American citizens while leaving a “negligible footprint” – i.e. little to no evidence of the harassment and unconstitutional activity perpetrated by the rogue factions within the US Government.

The Stasi utilized the same tactics, albeit their reach was more limited than the illegal program being run in the US due to technological limitations since the use of computers at that time and in that area of the world were nearly non-existent.

However, in this day and age the high level of integration of smart-phones, computers, and tablets, has facilitated the government’s illegal spying program and helped strip Americans of their constitutional rights.

Unfortunately, while countries like Russia (which is still not “perfect” or totally free by any means) have gradually become a bit more democratic and open, the pendulum in the United States is rapidly swinging in the other direction.

We now live in a police-style state where innocent Americans can be put on a “pre-crime-styled” watch-list (think Minority Report) as “potential” domestic threats, or “potential” domestic terrorists, via decisions in a closed-door kangaroo court, referred to as the “star chamber.”

There is no due process in these decisions, victims have no idea of what they have been accused of, and the DoJ has ordered local and state law enforcement to “stand down” when complaints are made regarding any of the aforementioned illegal activities.

Who are the watch-listed “domestic threats” and “domestic terrorists?”

Politically outspoken individuals, academics, activists, investigative journalists, NRA members, veterans, anti-abortion protesters, Tea Party members, conservatives, LGBT community members, BLM/Occupy Wall Street participants, Americans who own property abroad, out-of-the-box thinkers, Americans married to a foreigner, world travelers, scholars who research of military subjects, whistle-blowers, etc.

And this is not even an “all-inclusive” list.

Rogue factions within the federal government do not like empowered individuals or independent thinkers who can’t be shuffled around and manipulated like mindless sheep. They want malleable people who are easy to influence and will drink the “kool-aid” without questioning what the “special recipe” really is.

Gang Stalking” aka post 9/11 COINTELPRO, is really a culling program which has been implemented by the government in an attempt to control or nullify empowered people, natural leaders, intellects or anyone else who they feel threatens their agenda – which consists of leveraging more power over the American public while simultaneously destroying our constitutional rights.

Most law enforcement and intelligence personnel are decent people and deserve our respect, however, there is a very rotten, thuggish, and corrupt 2% which is destroying America like an invisible plague. via illegal data interception and street-level domestic intelligence (DOMINT) operations – which equate to organized stalking and harassment – against innocent Americans utilizing the Stasi’s Zersetzung tactics.

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