Hidden Facts About Christianity

(WTFU) Why do Christians worship on SUNday? What is the morning star?

“The Christian church is an encyclopedia of prehistoric cults.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

From the Latin vaticanus, meaning place of the sorcerers


As Christians finish their prayers, which they send through the “son of God”, they say “amen”, which I learned in church meant “so be it”. A little study shows something slightly different. The word derives from an ancient Egyptian god, Amen-Ra or Amun-Ra. Amun was an old god, but as his cult grew larger, he became associated with Ra-Herakhty (Ra + Horus, the gods of the “sun”-worshipers) who sent their prayers through the “sun of god”, Amen-Ra.


What is Israel? Is this a real place? The country we refer to as Israel is very recent. Many people assume this is what is spoken of in the Bible, but it was not called Israel. It was part of a territory called “Canaan” which included modern-day Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, and parts of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. A brief look into the etymology of the word reveals something interesting.

Isis was part of the Egyptian trinity with her husband and brother Osiris and their son, Horus, literally the sun and son of god. (In the later merging of sun-cults, Horus was combined with Ra and was known as Ra-Herakhty).

Ra is an ancient Egyptian sun god, mostly associated with the midday sun, but of which all other gods were a form.

El means “god” or “God” in Hebrew and other Semitic languages (plural “elohim”), but was also the father god of the Canaanites.

As you can see from the pattern, when two sun-worshiping cults merged, they merged the names of their gods, as in Ra + Horus = Ra-Herakhty and Amun + Ra-Herakhty = Amun-Ra. Isn’t it interesting that Isis + Ra + El = Israel?

Israel was a term for the merging of the cults in the land of Canaan, and armed with this knowledge, you can decode some of the mysteries of the Torah and the Bible.

Christmas, Paganism, and the Winter Solstice

The winter solstice was known as “Yule” in old Europe, from the Norse “jul” meaning “wheel”. It is the Pagan celebration of Light and the rebirth of the sun, which goes around a “wheel” or “cycle” through the zodiac. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year and as it approached people were worried it would disappear and not return, so they celebrated the light in the hopes that the sun would return quickly. In Rev 22:16 Jesus says: “I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star”. What is the morning star? Why do Christians worship on SUNday? Reread the Bible, interchanging sun with son, and you’ll begin to get the idea of what Israel means and where Christianity came from.

The ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a tribute to Saturn, beginning December 17th, during which evergreen trees were decorated with fruits and other ornaments. On the winter solstice, the sun is at its southernmost position of the year, over the Tropic of Capricorn (so named because this occurs when the sun is in Capricorn; similarly with the Tropic of Cancer and the summer solstice, and the Equator at the two equinoxes). The ancients believed that the sun had actually died. The sun remained at this place of death, near the Southern Cross (“Crux”) for 3 days, then the sun (read “son”) rose again, one degree in the sky, signifying that the days would begin to get longer and the light of the world would again overcome darkness. The birth of the sun/son was celebrated, on December 25, after receiving this sign, and again at the Vernal Equinox (Spring, Easter) because it is at that point the night and day are equal and from that point forward the sun will overpower the darkness and evil, or devil.

We find that the whole story of the birth of Jesus is encoded in the stars. On December 25, we are in the sign of Capricorn. At sunrise on that day, the Earth has rotated 180 degrees, and the sun rises in Cancer. There is a constellation in Cancer known as the manger. To the east, at sunrise, is Virgo, the virgin mother, overlooking the sun’s birth in the manger. To the west is Taurus. Inside Taurus is Orion. The three stars in the belt of Orion are known as the “three kings”. At the time of the sun’s birth, if you draw an imaginary line through the three kings and the bright star, Sirius, it point’s to the horizon (from “Horus” the sun/son of god) at sunrise. This is the star leading the “three kings” to the “virgin” birth of the “bright and morning star” in the “manger”. Gold symbolized the sun. Frankincense and myrrh were fragrances burned at solar temples. These were gifts to the sun/son.

Jesus and Lucifer

Again, in Revelations 22:16 Jesus states: “I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star”. What is the definition of Lucifer? “Morning star”.

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