Frankfurt School: Marxist Infiltration And Subversion, Culture Wars

It should be noted that the agenda for the breakdown of western institutions, such as Christian values and the family unit, was not exclusive of the Frankfurt School, or the radical communists. Nothing would be further from the truth since we find that these movements to radically alter society would never have succeeded in the West had they not been given, to this day, a free pass and billions of dollars worth in funding by the…über-capitalists. Via their massive foundations and institutions.

It’s well worth going into the investigations by the Reece Congressional Committee, in the 1950s, where the investigators were told to their faces by high-ranking members of Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Endowment, that indeed they were funding radical communism in the West and would continue to do so. The final objective, as was stated then, was to lead the masses into welcoming a socialist system, where they would be highly impoverished, and their lives would ultimately be totally managed by the state; as the state would itself be run by oligopolies and investment banks, society would be turned into a regimented slave plantation, where people would work orderly for their masters. Hence, communism at the bottom, fascism at the top.

The findings of that committee were confirmed by many other investigations and events and, ultimately, they’re all around us now, for everyone to see. You’d have to be blind, not to notice that nowadays’ collectivist movements are all funded and nourished from Wall Street/London City/Basel Switzerland (with incredible primacy to environmentalism and its agendas of zero-growth/’austerity’/malthusianism). And it also doesn’t take a Ph.D. to realize we are indeed plunging head-on into the global plantation of a two class-system, run by a cartel of investment bankers and internationalist oligarchs, via front agencies such as the BIS, the IMF, and the World Bank, among several others.

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