EXPLOSIVE INFORMATION – 5G, Vaccination, Nanoparticles and the Genocide of Humanity

The 5G Weapon: Use of Nanoparticles

Translated by Claire Edwards, BA Hons, MA

Transcription of video entitled “A voir absolument avant censure:  Compilation de videos pour comprendre les dangers à venir” (A Must-Watch: Compilation of videos to understand the dangers that are coming, 29 July 2020 www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM_rdWrOoCQ, from 11.46 minutes)

Interviewee: I’m an engineer. I have a qualification in chemical engineering and when I was studying, there was talk of nanoparticles and particularly particles that enabled – or would enable (because it was 1993) – cancer treatments.

Image: European Respiratory Journal.
Medical nanoparticles for next generation drug delivery to the lungs: Examples of nanoparticles commonly used as drug delivery carriers.

Nanoparticles have vibration frequencies which depend on the frequency of the product and which have particular frequencies. These vibration frequencies – when you send these frequencies to the nanoparticles, they are going to vibrate, a bit like water vibrates when you send it a frequency of 2.3 GHz [sic] using microwave oven cyclotrons – you make the water vibrate and you heat the water and the elements around it, in the same way you make the cells around it explode, so that you can cook a chicken in a microwave oven.

These nanoparticles have the same phenomenon at certain other frequencies.  That means that, when they are in the body, for example, when you put them next to a cancer cell, you send a certain frequency that makes the particle vibrate and you heat around it, which means all the cells around it, that is, the cancerous cells, for example, will explode.[1] At the time, I said to myself that it was a good way of exterminating a population. That’s to say, for example, if you manage to inject people with nanoparticles and you then transmit a wave which is not a priori dangerous, but when one associates it with this particle, it makes the particle vibrate.

Interviewer: OK, but why are you telling us about nanoparticles today and what is the claimed link with Covid?

Interviewee: For me, these nanoparticles are part of a weapon system that will enable depopulation without mass resistance. So, if you compare that to a system of explosives, the nanoparticle would be the bar of plastic explosive, that is, the active material that’s going to explode. The second thing that would be needed is a detonator. For me, this is the electromagnetic wave that’s going to make the nanoparticle vibrate, and the third thing is the control, I think that we’ve found it now, it’s the idea of 2020 060606,[2],[3] that is, the subcutaneous vaccination that the masters of the world are going to propose so that they can know where we are and can trace us with 5G. The advantage that 5G has as a detonator is that it can track us. It’s a directed energy weapon. So, we’re traced, they know where to send the wave and they know who they are going to heat up. What do you need in order to have this weapon system operational?  You need to be able to inject the nanoparticles into the body. The only means that seems consistent in terms of the history is to put it in the vaccines. And there it was! I think it was around 2015 that I read Serge Rader’s book [on vaccines] and I learned that there were nanoparticles in children’s vaccines and old people’s flu vaccines, while the laboratories were telling us that they weren’t putting nanoparticles in them. And there weren’t any in vaccines for veterinarians. So I started to say to myself, “Oh, there’s a good weapon system that’s being put in place, what’s going to happen is that there’s going to be a pandemic”. And bam, in 2019 there’s a pandemic! And what’s hiding behind this pandemic? You’ve got statutes that permit the installation of 5G, so one part of our weapon system, they want to impose a vaccine on us – in Denmark, they made a statute such that, if a Covid vaccine existed, everyone would have to have it. In every country, they’re putting maximum pressure on the population so that they vaccinate because the pandemic is here and the only way of dealing with it is the vaccine. That’s why I say that we’re right on the button with this theory where they’re going to exterminate a large part of the population. And what’s more, recently they’ve been talking about the Great Reset 2021. That’s what makes me say that we are leading up to genocide, a depopulation of the Earth.

Interviewer: So given that you managed to decode this pseudo-pandemic well before it happened, what are your thoughts about the coming months before 2021?

Interviewee: Listen, the thing is clear, it’s the deployment of a weapon system. Look at what we’ve seen so far. We’ve seen directives in March permitting the deployment of 5G. All the world governments are deploying this part of the weapon. The second thing is that they’re gearing up for this pseudo-vaccine – because it’s not a vaccine, it’s one part of the weapon – to be put in place, and well ahead of the two years that they were talking about. They even think the vaccine will be put in place in September. The second thing is that they need to force the population to opt into the vaccination. There’s the media but that’s not strong enough. The thing that people regard as most important right now is the children. Their move was well planned! You’ve had obligatory vaccination since 2018, when the Macron government came in with 18 5-in-1 vaccines all containing nanoparticles. As if by accident, one part of the weapon.  These nanoparticles that they injected with the vaccines, they’re going to make use of them. So how? Once 5G has been deployed, and I stress once 5G has been deployed – they are going to transmit radiation that’s going to excite the nanoparticles that they have injected into our children for the last 3 or 4 years. And into the elderly with the flu vaccine. What’s that going to cause? There are going to be fevers, there are going to be inflammations, as if by chance Kawasaki disease is going to happen. So I say, in the coming months, when the antennas are installed in certain countries, it will start, not all at once, but we’re going to see in France, as soon as the 5G antennas are deployed, well, the coronavirus second wave will appear, and this second wave is going to have a particularity, it’s going to affect the elderly again since they were vaccinated with the flu vaccine, and the children who were vaccinated. So Kawasaki disease will develop, which will enable the government to impose the Covid vaccine and inject all of us with these nanoparticles so that they can annihilate us en masse and when they want. Then perhaps at the start there will be tens of thousands of deaths, but they have the capacity to kill 90% and depopulate up to 90% of the planet, actually all the vaccinated people. There you have it.

Censorship and theories about the coronavirus

Why is there so much censorship?

Think about it.

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