Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


Book: Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection; The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America (1988)

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3 months ago

Before the creation of the NHS,all the doctors were private and wouldn’t treat anyone without money.It was a case of ”Pay us or suffer and maybe die.No ifs or buts”.Heartless.Anyway,when the men were away fighting in the world wars and a mother had a sick baby these doctors would take payment in kind.They’d take eggs or flour.But a lot of the women had no money ,they’d be running things while the man was gone and would sometimes have nothing to pay the doctors.Some of these ”doctors”would take sex as payment.In my eyes its tantamount to rape.So when the men were gone, doctors were virtually raping their wives and if they didn’t go along with it then the baby may die.Such wonderful people.Its worth remembering that a lot of these ”doctors” argued against the creation of the NHS.