Deagel Projections, Report Updated as of 10-28-21


Jeff Rense interviews James Karolak – The Deagel Projections Updated On 10-28-21 – The Plan And The Outlook.

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Keep the Fifth
Keep the Fifth
6 months ago

The Bilderberg Group. Kissinger recommended they keep the population of Kenya down as the population was growing and expected will protest the theft of their resources, and thus they developed a tetanus shot that women were delighted to get, a series of three injections, which also sterilized them at the same time, about which they were not told.
The shock of the earthquake in Japan of the Nuclear Plant, Fukishima, killed a huge percentage of protein for the planet. Fish is not plentiful and much is poisoned with radiation. That is not mentioned. Alternative sources of protein are not discussed as being discussed. Why? They planned on reducing population and demand for protein, as they are now raising less meat and poultry for protein, and the pets we need to feed as people want pets which enhance their lives but poor countries cannot afford to feed.
I have read the Gates were hung in 2013 when they killed many children in India when given the live polio vaccine. CDC stopped using live vaccine but likely gave Gates cheap price which he donated and the government prosecuted both Bill and Melinda and found them guilty of causing the deaths and damaged children, crippled for life. was reported to record their deaths, but the press keeps publishing and showing the stand ins who are obvious stand ins, so who is driving the plan. Other stand-ins are notable and reported, YT taking down videos of experts who can identify them. Bill is female, and Melinda is a male, obvious, if you see the previous videos. I believe Biden is also a stand in reported to be executed in Guantanamo after military tribunal with Hunter. He does not look like the pedo who was bending over telling a prepubescent girl, “You make me horney.” This guy does not appear to be the same body. Pay attention. So who is behind this is important to define. China has recording of CCP who has reported the vaccine was developed to kill our military and vaccines will soon stop, but our ability to defend ourselves is vastly threatened. He said everyone with the vaccine will be dead in two years. Then we are vulnerable without trained military. Do not push for disarming America. We will need all who have knowledge to defend us. He did say they had a a anti toxin but they are not telling us under what conditions they will give it. Likely will be for people giving up their property. China reported to be given to China for our debt by one of our Presidents, totally illegal. But we will not be able to defend it.
California is being burned and people not allowed to rebuild, but go to high density housing, pack and stack. FDA has not discussed this as they will not admit the real purpose of the vaccine. They are all in on it. Biden is a traitor and friend of China.

Keep the Fifth
Keep the Fifth
6 months ago
Reply to  Keep the Fifth

Wrote that when very tired and did not edit. Apologize. CA given to China was once being posted but who and how, etc. could this be done. Recall they were reporting Chinese picking out their property in CA. Fires were rampant in CA then, and was being circulated then. Anyone want to try to confirm? Cannot edit that post now.