COVID “Vaccine” kills your ability to produce white blood cells and disables your immune system


(Max2020)  Folks, we have been TRICKED. Natural Anonymous Doctor with 1600 patients shares her knowledge.

The First Vaccine: Has a small amount of saline mixed with a bunch of destructive junk that damages the cellular structures. What is does to your immune system, Spleen, your bone marrow, your thymus gland — it decreases the ability to produce white blood cells by 50%.

The 8 Weeks Later when your White Blood Cells should be recovering and reproducing from the damage, guess what happens? Yes, Another Vaccine Shot. The body makes another generation of White Blood Cells every 8 Weeks, so this is why they set up the jabs in 8 week increments. So your white blood cells are already down and just when they are trying to regenerate they hit them again with the poisonous jab.

In the Second Jab, they Decrease the Saline and Increase the Poison. The second dose increases the attack on your immune system (white blood cells) by an additional 25%. So just after the first TWO vaccinations they have effectively shut your immune system down by 75%. Yes, 75%, meaning you only have 25% of your immune system functioning.

What do you think is going to happen in the Winter months when bacteria and viruses are everywhere. You will be Defenseless.

Not only is 75% of your immune system wiped out, but the Ability to Regenerate is destroyed also.

Then what do they do? Yes, they recommend a BOOSTER shot. This Booster shot has 81 strands of Foreign Bacteria in which the immune system has NEVER seen before. What does this mean? It means you have NO immunity (antibodies made) to fight these foreign bacteria. You are already down 75% of your immune system so this means that the remaining 25% will have to work like crazy to produce antibodies for these foreign bacteria.

The Results: Chronic Inflammation like we have never seen before in the Medical Field. Expect to see tons of commercials for drugs for this and other conditions as the clinics become overwhelm with mysterious symptoms in which doctors will have NO freaking clue what to do except prescribe more meds as always which just gradually destroy the body anyway, but it won’t be so gradual when the body is already severely weakened and fatigued. Yes, we will also see FATIGUE like we have never seen before.

Inflammation and severe Fatigue will be common complaints in the medical clinics. The cause of both of these will be Neurological Complications. Which the doctors already cannot treat or heal any of these in the first place, which makes me wonder why people believe in Vaccines – but they must trust our Loving Media and One World Government — who openly state they believe there are too many useless eaters — evidently they believe they are a “useful eater” to the Gov. WRONG.

What’s Next? The Second BOOSTER.

What is in the Second Booster? 8 strands of HIV — you know, the virus that causes AIDS. This will completely DESTROY the immune systems ability to make White Blood Cells.

What happens when we can’t make White Blood Cells? We freaking suffer and die.

We didn’t even mention the other CRAP / POISONS that are in these vaccines, watch the other Videos on this Bitchute Channel to explain that – watch the Dr. Carrie Madej one, that is mindblowing what she saw using a compound microscope. This is not joke people, they are flat out LYING to us and their number one Weapon is Mainstream Media. Shut the TV’s off.

What is going to happen next? 20 to 30% of the population is going to die from these Vaccinations. They will have 3 MORE BOOSTERS also.

BUT — These Boosters will have a different purpose. Of course they will say it is for the DEADLY Covid Virus in which over 98% of people recover with lifetime immunity with absolutely NO treatment whatsoever. Yes, the ones who already have comorbidities will have a rougher time, but still — stats are stats and almost all would of made it. BUT the lying media has scared the living shit out of people and they fell for the bait…hook line and sinker.

These further Booster shots serve a different purpose: Since they have effectively DESTROYED the immune System and you body cannot regenerate White Blood Cells any more, you become Dependent of the boosters just to survive. It is NO different from being dependent on Insulin or Pain Medications. Big Pharma is looking to rake in unreal amounts of tax payer money and simultaneously take care of that population problem.

So for those “Lucky” survivors — they will have to take Vaccinations for LIFE just to survive. Is this what all you Pro-Vaxxers wanted?? You got it. What you don’t know is that they just made you the ultimate SLAVE. Now you really have to Comply or you Die. They got ya.

Every Animal in the Trials had 100% Death Rate. Wonder why they didn’t want to publish any animal studies and had the WHO, CDC, NIH and FDA allow them to bypass this and go directly to humans and have the media push this


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