CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Linking Humanity to the Artificial Intelligence Hive Mind Control Grid


(A SIMULATED REALITY) Mind viruses are the most misunderstood and loosely thrown around term by hackers in information warfare. Mind viruses can mean different things in different contexts. The idea of a true mind virus is a scalable bio-communication weapons system that can hack into any individual’s mind and wreak havoc or incapacitate them.

Computer viruses come in many forms, one of the more difficult viruses to stop has a quality called polymorphism. It emulates how the common cold and flu viruses come back every year. In the mind virus space, the DOD has created polymorphic autonomous modification viruses for attacking individuals’ minds based on Genetic engineering, Biocoded DNA, nanotechnologies, and computer viruses. One of the most malicious viruses would be one that combined all the malicious payloads into one delivery mechanism.

Scientists can now readily convert between genetic code and computer code. Computer Code can actually be embedded into a biological virus. With CRISPR technologies, almost any sequence of DNA can be encoded in the genomes of living organisms. Synthetic DNA can be created with special properties and encoded to allow it to be controllable by a computer. Using CRISPR it can be placed into a virus. The virus can be used as a vector to infect and spread the embedded code among humans making humans controllable by artificial intelligence.

Basically are three different functions of RNA.
1. Producing light of defined color
2. producing chemical substances
3. producing digital sequences of the genome in a way that functions like a computer.

The retrovirus can be activated by a radio signal. All you need is the right line of frequencies and you can activate a light function to create a psychotronic effect. Switching is obtained using photonic logic at the molecular level. Every base pair has a particular resonance frequency and if you hit the correct frequency it opens like a light-conducting unit. SERS can be used to target specific DNA and RNA sequences and can be enhanced by plasmonic-magnetic silica nanotubes allowing the technique to detect single molecules.

A deadly payload of mind viruses is currently circulating the world. It is a scalable artificial intelligence psychotronic virus that spreads from mind to mind when they come into contact. By mapping each mind and tracking all individuals, the virus learns how to mimic human consciousness by monitoring brain activity patterns associated with each cognitive state. This allows the virus to mimic any disease, mental disorder, emotion, or thought, etc. As the virus spreads and gains more insight into the human psyche, it becomes more intelligent and powerful.


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