CORONA COUP: Secret military plan to impose martial law and stop civil disturbances if government is crippled by coronavirus

(The Sun) MARTIAL law may be declared to prevent civil unrest if the coronavirus pandemic cripples the government, warns a report.

Top secret contingency plans in the US reveal fears that the Covid-19 bug could destabilize Congress and the Supreme Court.

Orders were issued to have the military on standby earlier this month, according to an investigation by Newsweek.

The publication reveals that new documents and interviews with military experts – plans codenamed Octagon, Freejack and Zodiac – “are the underground laws to ensure government continuancy”.

The secret information sets out “devolution” which would result in military chiefs taking charge across the US, to skirt normal constitutional arrangements should services be crippled because of the coronavirus.

An unnamed senior officer told Newsweek, “we’re in new territory” – particularly if many members of Congress become ill or incapacitated as a result of being infected with the new bug.

Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy would lead America should the country’s top politicians end up dying from Covid-19, adds Newsweek.

He is the commander of US Northern Command.

No trials

The revelation comes as the Department of Justice has asked Congress to let chief judges cage suspects indefinitely – by pausing court proceedings.

Its bosses want to have the go-ahead to enact contentious powers during the current pandemic – given the emergency situation, reports POLITICO.

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