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Strange Idea List That The Old Guard WILL NOT Be Fazed By

If someone “normal” stumbled upon this video, they would try to have me committed to Shutter Island!

21 Year Old Mother Charged With Manslaughter After Miscarriage

So yes you can kill your child, but you have to involve the state, you have to pay for it, it has to be sanctioned by the state and if not you can go to jail like this lady. How about we just stop murdering all together? Oh, wait. I know why. There is no profit in that. It is kind of like curing vs. treatment. Silly me.

Waking Up – Pick Up Your Bed and Walk – Alan Watt

This is the first in the “Waking Up” series of brief audio clips by Alan Watt, Rest in Peace.

Qld Premier Admits Camps For Unvaccinated, Victoria Premier Admits No Life For Unvaccinated

The choice is simple, the consequences are deadly either way.