What Is a Psychopath?

What Is a Psychopath? Special Research Project of the Quantum Future School (cassiopaea) Imagine – if you can – not…

The Soviet Union’s $1 Billion ‘Psychotronic’ Arms Race with the US

During the Cold War, the Soviet scientists vied with the US to understand mind control, remote viewing and non-local physics, according to a new review of unconventional research in the USSR

The Soviet Union’s $1 Billion ‘Psychotronic’ Arms Race with the US

During the Cold War, the Soviet scientists vied with the US to understand mind control, remote viewing and non-local physics, according to a new review of unconventional research in the USSR

From Democracy To Pathocracy: The Rise Of The Political Psychopath

Twenty years ago, a newspaper headline asked the question: “What’s the difference between a politician and a psychopath?” The answer, then and now, remains the same: None.

How A Narcissistic Abuser Gaslights Their Scapegoat

Gaslighting occurs when a person you trust to tell you the truth about reality, is, in fact, bending reality with lies.

Gaslighting And Projection In Narcissistic Families: The Most Toxic Abuse For The Self

Gaslighting is a term coined from the 1938 stage play “Gaslight” where a husband attempts to convince his wife that she is crazy when she notices the dimming of the lights in the house whenever he uses the gas lights in the attic. He attempts to convince her that it is her memory that is at fault and she is simply imagining the dimming of the lights.

Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter In Rwanda

Spooks now use technology in Baghdad that was “proven” on one million dead Africans in Rwanda

Malignant Narcissists Are Morally Insane

A narcissist is someone who has become hypnotized and entranced by their own inflated self-image. They have become so self-absorbed, that not only are they not in a genuine relationship with others, but they relate to others (including the environment) as objects to satisfy their own need for self-aggrandizement. A “malignant” narcissist, however, is a narcissist who reacts sadistically to others who don’t support and enable their narcissism. Ultimately, a malignant narcissist wants to annihilate anyone who in any way threatens their illusory self-image and self-serving agenda.

10 Traits of Emotionally Resilient People

“At the heart of resilience is a belief in oneself—yet also a belief in something larger than oneself.

9/11 – Occult Trauma-Based Mind Control

The spiritual supporting pillars of the world’s societal structure were essentially demolished on 9/11…symbolically, allegorically, ritualistically and literally.

Conformity Vs. Individuality – Brainwashing & Majority Rules

Asch Conformity Experiments: The Asch conformity experiments were a series of studies published in the 1950s that demonstrated the power of conformity in groups. These are also known as the “Asch Paradigm”.

Liars’ Brains Wired Differently

A USC study has found the first proof of structural brain abnormalities in people who habitually lie, cheat and manipulate others.

Narcissistic Leaders And Their Manipulation In Group Dynamics

We now live in a society that promotes self-entitlement and selfish pursuits to such an extent that words such as responsibility and compassion no longer apply. Increasingly we are producing damaged people in society who are cut off from their feelings, have no moral fiber, hide behind deceptive images and falsely manipulated personalities in order to control, exploit and abuse others, without remorse.

The Role of the Psychopath in the Generation of Global Evil

In order to understand the role of psychopathy in the generation of what we might call evil, it is useful to take a look first at some of the research on the problem.

Malignant Narcissists Get Worse With Age

Grace and courage are not attributed to the narcissist at any age – the lack of these virtues becomes all the more apparent as they grow old.

New Video Game Helps Map Your Every Thought

The more that scientists discover about the complexities of the human brain, the more puzzling it has become. The new trend of NeuroGaming is employing some of its users to help register their neural pathways and aid science in arriving at the final frontier.

The Dangers Of Malignant Narcissism

How can they be evil and not designated as criminals? The Key lies in the word “designated.” They are criminals in that they commit “crimes” against life and liveliness. But except in rare instances – such as the case of a Hitler – when they might achieve extraordinary degrees of political power that remove them from ordinary restraints, their “crimes” are so subtle and covert that they cannot be designated as crimes.”   –The Malignant Narcissist as described by M. Scott Peck in People of the Lie.

Ponerology 101: Lobaczewski And The Origins Of Political Ponerology

Beginning immediately after World War II and continuing in the decades after the imposition of Soviet dictatorship on the countries of Eastern Europe, a group of scientists – primarily Polish, Czech, and Hungarian – secretly collaborated on a scientific study of the nature of totalitarianism. Blocked by the State Security Services from contact with the West, their work remained secret, even while American researchers like Hervey Cleckley and Gustave Gilbert were struggling with the same questions.1 The last known living member of this group, a Polish psychologist and expert on psychopathy named Andrzej Łobaczewski (1921-2007), would eventually name their new science – a synthesis of psychological, psychiatric, sociological, and historical studies – “ponerology”, a term he borrowed from the priests of the Benedictine Abbey in the historic Polish village of Tyniec. Derived from poneros in New Testament Greek, the word suggests an inborn evil with a corrupting influence, a fitting description of psychopathy and its social effects.

Psychopathic Groups and Distorted Definitions

The use of an inner, or esoteric, language to intentionally deceive is a trademark characteristic of the psychopathic personality or a psychopathically dominated group. This is nicely summarized in Andrew M. Lobaczewski’s Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes (1998) [1]:

Intel Wants Brain Implants In Its Customers’ Heads By 2020

Researchers expect brain waves to operate computers, TVs and cell phones