COVIDNOSIS: How Empire Has Brainwashed The World

In hypnosis, we know that the state of trance hypnosis is achieved in only one of two ways; either overload of the central nervous system, or fatigue of the nervous system. The current Covid19 crisis has created both of these conditions and as a result, it has caused the most suggestible state that a person could ever be in.

The Covidian Cult – There’s Reality, and There’s “Reality”

In order to oppose this new form of totalitarianism, we need to understand how it both resembles and differs from earlier totalitarian systems.

The Covid-19 PCR Test – A Shot of Nanoparticles for Your Brain?

Thus the cribriform plate can be targeted to deliver nanoparticulated drugs and “vaccines” directly to the brain. The tip of the swab coated with nanoparticles hits exactly the right spot so that the nanoparticles can reach the inside of the brain.

When Robot Eyes Gaze Back at Humans, Something Changes in Our Brain And Behavior

When you know you’re being watched by somebody, it’s hard to pretend they’re not there. It can be difficult to block them out and keep focus, feeling their gaze bearing down upon you. Strangely enough, it doesn’t even seem to really matter whether they’re alive or not.

Forbes Deletes Article by Education Expert Asserting That Forcing Children to Wear Masks Causes Psychological Trauma

Forbes deleted an article written by an education expert who asserted that forcing schoolchildren to wear face masks was causing psychological trauma after the piece began to go viral.

Three mass trauma events used to destroy America: JFK murder, 9/11 and COVID-19

The use of the Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution (otherwise known as thesis, antithesis, synthesis) has served the ruling elite as its formulaic playbook for nonstop violence, death, global destabilization, and deepening human enslavement

Facebook and Google Partner Compiles Report On How to Manipulate People To Get The Vaccine Using Their Reputation, Public Image, Shopping Habits, Religion

A Facebook and Google partner that uses artificial intelligence to compile data from tracking people’s web history has put together a report that outlines ways to mentally program people to get the Coronavirus vaccine.

Graphene Bio War: 2021-2029 – Roadmap To Mind Control

Graphene 666 The Untold Story – Russ Brown Reports

Programmed To Hate Humanity

Do you think the world is overpopulated? Are you worried that having a baby would contribute to climate change? Deep down, do you hate humanity? If so, then it’s time to stop swallowing the propaganda of the anti-human death cult and to realize that creation is our ultimate act of rebellion against the elitists and eugenicists.

Mass Psychosis: How to Create an Pandemic of Mental Illness

The 20-minute video below, “Mass Psychosis — How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill,” created by After Skool and Academy of Ideas,1 is a fascinating illustration of how mass psychosis can be induced.

Gaslighting: The psychology of shaping another’s reality

We are living in a world where the degree of disinformation and outright lying has reached such a state of affairs that, possibly for the first time ever, we see the majority of the western world starting to question their own and surrounding level of sanity.

Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?

There is a fundamental question that haunts the pages of history and it is one that has never been addressed in a satisfactory manner. There are many schools of thought on why and how tyranny rises in any given society and all of them miss the mark in terms of explanations, primarily because they all allow their biases to rule their conclusions and blind them to the deeper aspects of power and conspiracy. In other words, they are willing to go down the rabbit hole only so far, and then they deny that the rabbit hole even exists.