Beyond Ivermectin: Our Freedom Stolen


(The Desert Review) Senior members of Reuters, the Associated Press, TASS, and 260 other news agencies gathered on Monday, November 22, in Beijing, China, for the 4th World Media Summit – hosted by the official news agency of the Chinese Communist Party, the world’s leading authority on propaganda.

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the summit, the details of which appear on YouTube.

Media should stick to “science and rational judgment” in their reporting, said Huang Kunming, a politburo member and head of the party’s propaganda department, during a speech delivered at the Summit on November 22, 2021.

The glaring question emerges, what is US media doing at a propaganda training seminar in China? Why is the media being schooled in propaganda techniques by a totalitarian regime?

All Americans should wonder why Dr. Fauci’s NIH funded the Wuhan gain-of-function experiments and why he later covered up the fact the virus emerged from a Chinese laboratory. Why are we protecting China?

All Americans should wonder why the US has aligned with China to orchestrate a unified response to a planned and artificial pandemic. And all Americans should wonder why our Associated Press and the UK’s Reuters is collaborating with Chinese, Russian, and Cuban communist news agencies for a unified propaganda front.

Just because you don’t see bullets, don’t believe we are not currently in a state of war. But, unfortunately, we are, and our lives, freedom, and futures are on the line – right now.

When you read the news that becomes part of a repeated theme common to both the East and West; perhaps consider that it might be false. But, unfortunately, these are the latest news stories now making the rounds – and they are incorrect. Currently, the theme in the United States is to force everyone to get vaccinated and use the new Omicron variant as an excuse.

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