Belgian Government is Sending “Population Managers” to Track Unvaccinated People

KOEN JACOBS, – Clearly, this comes straight from a communitarian textbook. Where else would one get this idea from?

The only incentive for the Flemish and Belgian governments, for hiring and sending out “population managers“, is money from big pharma. Since COVID ‘vaccines’, as the “poison” that they are, contribute nothing to public health. On the contrary.

In order to increase the vaccination rate, it is claimed, people who did not respond to an invitation, by mail, email or text message, to get ‘vaccinated’, or who don’t want to get ‘vaccinated’, “must be tracked” by “population managers“, who are expected to “convince” those people to get their ‘COVID vaccine’.

This is precisely how a medical tyranny works. You don’t get to choose, you will get ‘vaccinated’ or you’ll die resisting the COVID machine. At least, if we let them get away with this insanity and oppression.

Let me remind you of the fact that the title “population manager” is almost exclusively used in situations where animal populations are being managed.

This is not a joke, use any search engine and you’ll see it for yourself.

This is yet another sign of the dehumanization process that I talked about in 2020, in my “9 Stages of Genocide.” We are, by the way, no longer at stage 5 because the genocide is being organized already.

  1. Classification
  2. Symbolization
  3. Polarization
  4. Discrimination
  5. Dehumanization
  6. Organization
  7. Persecution
  8. Extermination
  9. Denial

This is how communitarian ‘law’ works, the notion of individual rights, including medical rights, is being erased from the collective memory. This is how a dystopian society is built and how people are reduced to “interchangeable cells” (“who find meaning in their contribution to the social whole rather than as free agents“) (Amitai Etzioni,


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