BANNED ON YOUTUBE – Dr Andrew Moulden – What he told us before he was murdered


(PiratePete) This man is a hero to me, he was a medical doctor who discovered that western medicine with their vaccines were actually harming people. He exposed the corrupt medical industry and was even going to create and be the leader of a new political party in Canada because he also knew that every political party is controlled by the evil elite. Well like MANY true healers this man was murdered by big pharma in 2013. He was “suicided”. Many of you know this term… Its when they murder someone and make it look like it was suicide.

His research proved that ALL vaccines cause harm. These vaccines cause mini strokes in different parts of peoples bodies causing numerous so called “diseases”. From the day you are born they inject you with poisons! Sat NO to ALL vaccines!

Yes modern medicine in nothing but a money making industry that does NOT help people to get well, it just creates more illnesses so that they can sell you another pill for every symptom you get. Send you for countless “tests” that make you even more sick. Diagnostic imagery like X rays, CT scans , PET scans ALL use ionizing radiation and they should be avoided at all cost. Radiation causes cancer! I have also learned that the radiation from these “test” will trigger ailments that were put into the vaccines we were forced to get when we were growing up.

I remember 2 years ago I fell on some ice in February and landed on my hand/wrist. I went to the hospital and the doctor ordered X rays and they took 5 of them! I had the worst headache of my life right after that. It wasn’t broken but the doctor who was an intern said I needed a cast put on. Well two days after that I cut the cast off myself! I figured if I kept it on for 4 weeks my arm would have been effected by atrophy (muscle loss).

After 4 weeks I had to return to see a “specialist” to have the cast taken off. I arrived at my appointment and they wanted to send me for MORE X rays! I refused! So they made me wait 3-4 hours to see a doctor and when I finally saw the guy it was another intern and he tried to convince me I needed surgery! I said NO way! there’s nothing wrong with my hand/wrist! So he got another real doctor come see me and that guy bent my wrist and hand every which way to try and cause pain and say I needed surgery. I told the two of them that my injury healed on its own I felt no pain. I rode my bicycle to the appointment too! Both these a-holes didn’t believe me. We argued a few minutes and then I ended up just walking out.

Take back your health! Do not let some evil doctor make you sick or worse, they might even kill you! Stay away from hospitals & so called health care professionals.

I tried to find Dr Mouldens videos but of course the powers that should not be have scrubbed the majority of them off the internet. Plus they did some damage control by saying negative things about this good man. SMH.

Link to a conference Dr Moulden spoke at I am sharing at Bitchute here:

Link to “you can not catch bugs germs bacteria etc here:

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