Alan Watt: Vaccines, Viruses, Depopulation, Eugenics, Big Pharma, The Agenda

Sept. 18, 2009 Extreme Society Show interview

Topics discussed:
Convincing Public to Depopulate, Optimum Population Trust – Darwinian Eugenics. MJTF. Mock Disaster Scenarios – Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial Complex – 2006 WHO Meeting, Starting Mandatory Inoculations – Dr. Salk, Cancer-Causing Simian-40 Virus in Polio Shot – Reducing Life Expectancy (Death Control), Predictions of “Killer” Outbreak, Viral Mutation – Antibodies, Vaccination for Babies (No Immune System) – Deaths FROM Smallpox Vaccine – Malnourished Poor, Killed by Common Diseases – Buildup of Natural Immunity – Squalene in Flu Shot. National Health Service (Factory Medicine), Canada, Britain – Access to MINIMAL Healthcare – UN World Health Organization agenda – Priority for Sex Changes and more…

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